"Outside cooking" Artwork  Paul Faassen
 The original yellow jersey of first Dutch guy (Jan Janssen in 1968) winning the Tour de France. Logo stitched by  Nouch  / Photography  Eddo Hartmann
Picture 2015-12-03 om 09.59.36.jpg
 photographed by ace  Aisha Zeijpveld
 Artwork Niels 'Shoe' Meulman
 artwork  Jeremyville
 artist  Peter van Straaten  just turned 80; we photographed him into his own drawings. Photography by  Ivo van der Bent
 Artwork  Claudie de Cleen
 artwork  Yvonne Kroese
 Populair popgroup  De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig  Photography for Volkskrant by aces  Lernert & Sander
 Photography  Jouk Oosterhof
 Artwork  Carolyn Ridsdale
 cover  Volkskrant Magazine  about narcissistic people ('ik' = 'me')
 Artwork  Paul Faassen
 artwork  Sasa Ostoja
 Photography  Jouk Oosterhof
 artwork  Paul Faassen
 Artwork  Simon Wald Lasowski
 Best example of making the best cover out of the worst model. Photography  Aisha Zeijpveld
 Photography Pablo Delfos
 Photography  Robin de Puy
 Story of famous surgeon Dr. Preecha who is known for turning man into woman. Artwork for Volkskrant by  Noma Bar   
 Photography  Pablo Delfos   
 artwork  Club Geluk  photography  Vincent van Gurp
 Author Karl Ove Knausgard guest edited the issue
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