excitement cause won a silver  ADCN lamp  for all cover designs 2017 Volkskrant Magazine
     winning 2 Merit Awards   SPD 2018 New York   (the Society of Publication Designers)  - best designed cover, artwork  Monique Broring  (bottom) - best photography cover, by  Oof Verschuren  (top)
    winning 4 Merit Awards   SPD 2017  New York  (the Society of Publication Designers)  - best illustrated cover; thanks artwork Paul Faassen (top left) - design entire issue (top right) thanks Selwyn Senatori - best illustrated cover (bottom left) thanks Sasa Ostoja - best design cover (bottom right) thanks Ivo van der Bent & Eva Roefs
    winning silver   SPD Award   51, New York "Best Illustrated Cover 2015" Artwork  Paul Faassen
    winning two (!!!)   ADCN  Lamps  in categorie Art Direction and Graphic Design 2015 (Amsterdam) for Volkskrant Magazine
    winner   SPD 50 award 2014   (New York) Best Cover Design; category News
    Nomination   SPD 50: Cover of the Year 2014   (New York) Artwork  Paul Faassen
    Merit   SPD 50 award 2014   (New York) Artwork  Selwyn Senatori
    Merit   SPD 50 award 2014   (New York) Photography  Marc de Groot
    winning   D&AD Award (London) 2014   Volkskrant Magazine cover designs 2013
      SPD 49 Merit Award   2013 (New York) Photographed by  Lukas Gobel , post production by  Jan Hibma  (All inspired on fab artwork from   Erwin Blumenfeld  out of 1945)
    Volkskrant won   European Newspaper Award   2014 including this frontcover  ( page 1 & page 3) about the introduction of the new   Volkskrant   website
    Photo  Robin de Puy , who won the prestigious   Silver Camera Portrait Of The Year   with this shoot for Volkskrant Magazine
    winning   Prix de C’Oeuvre 2014   (Netherlands) catalogue  Volkskrant Magazine cover designs  2012-2014
      SPD 48 Merit Award   (New York) Photography  Anne Claire de Breij
      SPD 48 Merit Award   (New York) photography  Cornelie Tollens
     winning    SPD 47 silver award   (2013, New York) category "design independent mags"
     winning    Prix de C’Oeuvre 2012   (Netherlands) entire catalogue  Intermediair cover designs  2003-2012
     winning  Mercur Award  (Netherlands) Best Cover Of The Year  2011
    winning   Best cover award by Mediafacts   (Netherlands) categorie business magazines 2009
 winner (3th year in a row :)  Mediafacts  2010  Best Cover of the Year  Bizz mags
 winning  B est cover award by Mediafacts   2008 (Netherlands) categorie business magazines. Photography  Mieke Meesen
  Nomination Best Cover Design 2005  by Mediafacts (Netherlands)
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