Graduated in '98 at Academy of Art and Design St. Joost, Breda. Currently working as art-director for Volkskrant Magazine and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Here my complete cv (Linkedin).

Launched coverjunkie.com in 2010 and published  The Coverjunkie Magazine. It's about celebrating creativity in mag design folks.





- download interview NRC, sept 2015

- download interview Volkskrant, sept 2015

- download interview Publish, sept 2015

- download interview Villa Media, sept 2015

- download interview Belgie, sept 2015

- download interview NRC, sept 2015

- download interview NRC, sept 2015

- download interview NRC, sept 2015


experience / clients

Art-direction & redesign

- Volkskrant Magazine

- Hollands Diep magazine

- Hard Gras magazine

- Intermediair magazine

- VillaMedia magazine

- Uitkrant | I amsterdam

- NieuweRevu.nl

- Interaction designer Edenspiekermann (BRS Premsela Vonk)

- Internship design agency VandenBergh & Gilliatt, New York

- Academy of Art and Design St. Joost , graphic design.

awards / speaking

2015: Winner silver award SPD's Best News Cover (New York)

2015: Speaking at qved 2015 Munich Germany; Editorial Design Conference

2015: Volkskrant Magazine nomination SPD 50: Cover of the Year Medal Finalist(New York)

2014: Winner D&AD Award (London, UK) for Volkskrant Magazine cover designs out of 2013

2014: Again winner Prix de C’Oeuvre 2014 for complete catalog Volkskrant Magazine cover designs

2014: Judging D&AD Awards, London UK

2014: Speaking at Design Bridge | At the Bar, Amsterdam

2014: Merit Winner PUB 48, SPD New York)

2013: Speaking at SND (Society Newspaper Design) Louisville, Kentucky, USA 

2013: Volkskrant Best Designed European Newspaper

2012: Winner Prix de C’Oeuvre for complete catalog cover designs Intermediair (2003-2011)

2012: Winner silver SPD award New York for overall design Coverjunkie Magazine, category independent magazines

2012: Award of Excellence SND (Society Newspaper Design) cover Volkskrant Mag

2012: Judging SPD Awards, New York USA 

2011: Winner Mercur Best Cover of the Year award Vrij Nederland

2010: Winner Best Cover of the Year award with Intermediair Magazine, overall category

2009: Winner  Best Cover of the Year award Intermediair

2009: Nomination Hollands Diep Mercur Award best feature design

2009: Nomination Hollands Diep Mercur Award Magazine of the Year

2008: Winner peoples choice award Best Cover of the Year overall category.

2008: Winner  Best Cover of the Year Intermediair magazine category business mags

2006: Winner LOF-award ; Intermediair magazine best business mag

2005: Nomination Best Cover of the Year overall category